QuickBooks Tips For a Fresh Start In 2024

As the bustle of December fades, January is a transitional month for many small business owners. This time of year generally calls for wrapping up any remaining loose ends from the previous year while diving headfirst into the new one. Readying your QuickBooks software for the upcoming year is one way to make sure you are in full control of your business finances as 2024 begins. Taking proactive steps now will pave the way for you to reach your financial goals when January 1 rolls around.

1. Run Four Critical Reports

As the dust settles from the holiday rush, take a moment to run four essential reports in QuickBooks. This will ensure your financial records are up-to-date and you don’t have any unwanted New Year’s surprises:

  • A/R Aging Detail: Identify customers in arrears, understanding who owes you and when payments are due.

  • Open Invoices: Isolate unpaid transactions, focusing specifically on outstanding invoices.

  • A/P Aging Detail: Ensure you're current on outstanding payments to other entities.

  • Unpaid Bill Details: Highlight bills with unpaid balances, streamlining your payable management.

2. Create Statements For Past-Due Customers

Sending statements to past-due customers using QuickBooks is a discreet collection method. While you decide on the level of follow-up, statements provide a clear breakdown of financial activities, fostering communication with those who haven’t yet paid their bills. If statements yield no response within ten days, however, consider more direct communication.

3. Evaluate Inventory

For businesses managing inventory, a thorough evaluation is important, especially after the holiday season. Navigate to the “Inventory Center” under “Vendor Activities” in the “Vendors” menu. Assess each entry under “Active Inventory” or run related reports to make sure you have the appropriate stock levels of each item for this time of year. For adjustments, use the “Adjust Quantity/Value on Hand” feature.

4. Set Up Online Financial Connections

Improve your business’s QuickBooks efficiency by exploring two powerful tools:

  • Online Banking (Bank Feeds Center):Connect QuickBooks to financial institutions for daily transaction imports, providing real-time visibility into your financial activities.

  • Online Payments (QuickBooks Desktop Payments):Optimize cash flow by accepting credit cards, eChecks, and ACH payments, accelerating the payment process from your customers.

January is the opportune time to reflect on how you can maximize your usage of QuickBooks for a successful 2024. If you're confused about any of these tips or need assistance with anything in this blog post, contact us today. Your financial success is our priority, and we're here to help you embark on the new year with confidence.

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